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Coaches are still the safest mode of holiday transport

Coaches are still the safest mode of holiday transport. This has been confirmed once again by the latest TÜV-Bus-Report (German Association for Technical Inspection). More than 80 percent of vehicles examined became the TÜV sticker straight away, a far higher percentage than for cars and for lorries. Failings, when detected, were often not of a very serious nature, e.g. headlight settings. Only 0.1 per cent of coaches examined were declared unsafe for road traffic, i.e. 25 out of 50,000 vehicles. The RDA International Coach Tourism Federation concludes that the high levels of coach safety are a direct result of coach sector safety initiatives over the past couple of years. Brake defects were rarely discovered by the TÜV. This is good news. Corrosion in body work was mostly discovered in coaches over ten years old and here in less than 5 percent of vehicles examined. RDA President Richard Eberhardt stated that he very much welcomed the fact that the TÜV 2011 Report confirmed that coaches are still – as before – the safest mode of holiday transport.