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Eberhardt’s latest news

This month Eberhardt has done transfers for Voyages Emile Weber (GPN Luxemburg), they’re working with Gosia (GPN Denmark) for two Groups in October, with Marcel and Rogier (GPN Netherlands) for an Amsterdam – Brüssel business and tehy have sent two groups to Croatia where they work together with our GPN Member Olivari. Although many thanks to you Vibor and his team for taking care of their clients.

What a great network that we have!

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On the other hand, I’m glad to inform you that Eberhardt has a new trainee – Mr. Kevin Weissgerber. He will assist Vanessa with all the GPN requests. He’s really pleased to work with all our GPN members and he has already internalized the sense of GPN. Welcome to GPN Kevin!!

Finally, at the moment, Eberhardt is staying in Turkey with a group. GPN Turkey, Idee Travel, was a big help in the organization. Eberhardt is so glad that they are able to provide their clients such a wonderful journey and a pleasant stay – thanks to Ilker Aktay for his help!
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