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Frota Azul is Group Barraqueiro’s brand entirely devoted to tourism, in all of its aspects.

Frota Azul is Group Barraqueiro’s brand entirely devoted to tourism, in all of its aspects.

In the past few years and regardless of the several crisis worldwide, International tourism has grown significantly, for which the number of services operated by Frota Azul has also accompanied this growth.

The increase has been recorded in all the markets our company works with, such as the North-American, the South-American, the Japanese and the Asia-Pacific-Oceania region.

Despite this sustained growth, but in a crisis scenario, we reduced the fleet’s renewal in about 60%, having acquired 52 new vehicles, of which 25 will be allocated to International tourism.
The crisis environment has, however, affected our group in which concerns the operations of public services, schools and enterprises/companies.
But even with this setback, the company continues to grow, having bought companies in Portugal and abroad, namely in Brazil.

Besides these continued bets on the road transportation sector, we are also committing our time, resources and experience in the train sector. For example, Fertagus, a company dedicated to railroad travel and for which we were granted a concession once again (this time until 2019) by the Portuguese State, is the only privately held railroad line operated with profit in the entire Iberian Peninsula.

This company was elected the best company to work for the second consecutive year.

Still in the railroad transportation sector, but this time regarding surface subways and trams, Group Barraqueiro is also strongly committed in continuing its operations with Metro Sul do Tejo and Metro do Porto.

Frota Azul has just renewed its contract with the Portuguese Federation of Football, proudly assuring the transportation of Portugal’s National Football Team.

At this time we are preparing with huge enthusiasm the visit of the GPN family to Lisboa, during October this year!

Greetings from Portugal,”