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Kynnisferdir – Reykjavík Excursions is proud of their recent implementation of the ISO-14001

Kynnisferdir – Reykjavík Excursions is proud of their recent implementation of the ISO-14001:

2004 Environmental Management Standards (EMS) for the bus and coach operations, services and garage. The final assessment was made by the British Standard Institution (BSI) and shortly afterwards the certificate arrived.

The basic principle of the environmental standard is as follows, according to Deming´s Circle:

• Plan
o All elements of the organisation and future planning that concern the environment are documented. Goals and targets are set and all possible objectives are written down and an environmental policy is produced.

• Do

o Those who are to implement the environmental system and be responsible to the management are chosen. Staff education takes place to make sure they can assist in the implementation and recording of the system.

• Check

o The performance of the EMS is checked and measured to make sure that the standards are met, have been properly implemented, maintained and checked.

• Act

o When the system has been checked, the management reviews all objectives and nonconformities in order to correct them and meet new requirements, such as changed legal aspects. This leads to new recommendations in order to improve the system and gives the firm an opportunity to deal with challenges, whatever they may be.

As this is supposed to be a circle, it goes on and on like a never ending story. Kynnisferdir will keep on trying to be among the best and we hope to be able to have further ISO certificates in the near future. We´ll keep you updated!

We send all our friends at GPN our best wishes for a beautiful and prosperous summer!

BSI Certificate maí 2012