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Our GPN Alliance Partner, Idrive creates the idrive X2 video event recorder

Post-crash litigation can be a stressful and expensive process when the evidence is based solely on a he-said-she-said situation. Unfortunately, many times the driver of a larger, heavier vehicle is quick to get the blame in an accident. Adding a video based event recorder to your fleet can take the guess work out of post-crash litigation and save you tons of money.
Idrive created the idrive X2 video event recorder ( to help its customers manage and monitor fleet vehicles and drivers and to help prevent accidents before they happen. When accidents do happen, idrive can help take the guess work out by giving unbiased information regarding the accident. We have helped hundreds of clients exonerate themselves from wrongful accusations in post-crash litigation.
One of our customers, Nick Strimbu, discusses in Overdrive Magazine how they are utilizing idrive for their fleet management and accident prevention.
Check out the article, “Post-crash litigation: Cameras and ELD evidence” by Todd Dills at: