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MTBUSS is using their own buses and will drive Ringvoll pupils in Hobøl to the annual Christmas Service for free.

This gives this case a happy ending after the municipality did not afford to pay the 10,000 crowns such transfer would have cost.

When the school administration instead would arrange a special Christmas service at the school, some parents reacted so strongly that the school decided to cancel the traditional Chrstmas service.

The head of Moss Turbiler , Dag Oppegaard , read about this story in Moss Avis and responded immediately .He called the school and offered to drive students to and from church for free.

We do not usually drive school students for free, but we are located in the immediate area , and I thought it was too bad that these children should not be allowed to take part in a Christmas church service , he told Moss Avis.

Positive respons

And Principal Anne Lise Berger was quick to accept the offer .
It was not difficult for me to say yes to this offer. Now we maintain a tradition where we go to Christmas service at the church. We hope that this has resolved to the benefit of all parties , says Principal Anne Lise Berger.

Now the kids have gotten a new message with them where they have to sign up if they are going to be on the bus to the Christmas service 18 December.

Strong reactions

The story about the children who did not get to attend Christmas service has created great attention. The reactions were at times strong and numerous and Ringvoll school has in recent days been featured in numerous newspapers and social media about this matter.

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