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TPO Pastuszak - Amber Arena Poznan

TPO Pastuszak says goodbye to EURO 2012!

Although the real hard football fans will come back to reality, unfortunately EURO 2012 has already become a memory. TPO Pastuszak( Global Passenger Network’s Polish member) will remember this time as a period of hard work, constant changes and lots of hours on the phone and many miles on the road.

During this time, Travel agency TPO Travel had the pleasure to organize trips in Poland for customers invited by Coca-Cola, the region of the Middle East and North Africa. Their services include complete organization of all guests staying in Wroclaw, Poznan and Gdansk; sightseeing, transportation, tour leaders and guides services, restaurants, clubs, pubs reservation, cruise ships and catering. It was a time when every day provide them and their customers, new attractions, unforgettable memories and a lot of joy and fun of cheering.

TPO Pastuszak is pleased to have been able to take an active part in the great Polish-Ukrainian project, which was the EURO 2012.