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VDL Bus & Coach delivers 17 MidEuros to Nettbuss Norway

On 1 July 2012 the official key handover took place for 17 VDL MidEuros purchased by Nettbuss Norway. Nettbuss will deploy the vehicles in the Hamar-Lillehammer region for regular line service and special needs, like the transport of mobility impaired passengers.

The vehicles have seating for 16 occupants plus the driver and can be reconfigured with 9 seats and 2 wheelchair places in addition to the driver’s seat. Wheelchair users have convenient access to the bus via a lift at the rear. The MidEuros for Nettbuss are equipped with a clean-burning EEV diesel engine, significantly reducing the emission of exhaust
gases and particulates.

VDL MidEuros for Nettbuss

VDL converted the buses especially for Nettbuss, fully adapting them to meet the customer’s specific requirements for luxury transport of small groups. The vehicles have a fleet management system that enables Nettbuss to remotely monitor their location and maintain an overview of their
deployment as well as the fuel consumption, operating hours and drivers’ driving style. The MidEuros are also fitted with a ticket sale system, climate control system, public address system,destination sign and internet connections.
The MidEuro’s compact size (the total length is 7.3 metres) makes it highly manoeuvrable and therefore ideal for transport in narrow streets and city centres. With the extra high front windscreen the driver always has a clear view of the road.

Exclusive custom made vehicles “VDL Bus & Coach has been working with Nettbuss for several years now. The Nettbuss fleet currently includes more than 100 VDL-vehicles in Scandinavia. This order for 17 VDL MidEuros
confirms our strong relationship. Thanks to the flexibility of our company and our employees, who have many years of experience with vehicle conversions, we are capable of producing exclusive custom made vehicles,” says Rémi Henkemans, Managing Director VDL Bus & Coach.

Nettbuss Norway

Nettbuss is Norway’s largest public transport company and the second largest public transport company in Scandinavia, with activities in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Nettbuss was founded in 1925 and currently enjoys a market share of 30% in Norway. Across the organization, Nettbuss
employs 7,000 people, transports 123 million passengers per year and has an annual turnover of nearly NOK 5 billion. The company provides public transport, tour and express bus line services and also operates an extensive network of maintenance garages.