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Cartour (GPN Spain) Implements Swine Flu Prevention Protocol

From October the 1st, CAR TOUR will take the following measures in order to reduce, limit and contain the risk of spread of the disease:

a)      A strict internal protocol will be implemented so as to prevent and control the Swine Flu. A person in charge will be named with the main duty of being in constant contact with the Sanitary Authorities as well as with all our clients, giving and receiving any information required and/or needed.

b)      Daily inner cleanliness of our coaches will be redoubled and our staff will take care of carrying out an exhaustive cleanliness applying most disinfecting products.

c)      Handrails, railings, etc. of each coach will be cleaned with appropriate products at least 3 times a day. Likewise cleanliness of heating/air conditioning’s filters will be doubled. Wastepaper bins will be thrown away and cleaned frequently (with appropriate gloves).

d)      As an additional measure antiseptic dispensers have been installed in all our coaches at both doorways – front and rear- in order that our clients can clean their hands whenever they may require. The hand sanitizer/antiseptic that we are providing is the one used by the sanitary staff (doctors and nurses) to wash their hands. (Laboratory certified at your disposal).

e)      Likewise all our coaches have an adequate supply of surgical paper masks (discardable after use) which our drivers will give, without any additional cost, to any passenger who require it.