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Vikingbus (GPN Denmark) handled all transportation during IOC congress

From October 1st to October 9th 2009 Copenhagen hosted the 121st IOC Session & XII Olympic Congress. The purpose of the congress was to elect the host of the Olympic Games in 2016. The candidate cities were Chicago, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, and Madrid.

12 months before the congress in Copenhagen, IOC selected Vikingbus and partners to take charge of their transportation. At first the transport involved sightseeing tours for spouses, shuttle service from the airport to hotels, shuttle service from the venue of the congress (Bella Center) to hotels, and shuttle from hotels to the venue of the opening ceremony (Copenhagen Opera House). However, Vikingbus was also asked to manage the transportation for IOC members – this service was categorised as VIP. The VIP service involved managing the sponsored Mercedes-Benz limousines and IOC’s own limousine drivers. In total 40 limousines and 50 drivers.

In order to facilitate the communication between passengers, drivers, and logistics department Vikingbus set up a logistics office at the venue of the congress. Security measures during the congress were high and as a result all vehicles and personnel had to be security cleared.

Due to our status as official transportation provider for the IOC, Vikingbus was selected to take charge of transport for the candidate cities and their delegates. We were also chosen as the official transport provider for the Taekwondo World Championship and Copenhagen Open Karate Championship.

As a result of the IOC congress, Taekwondo World Championship, and Copenhagen Open Karate Championship Vikingbus is well prepared for COP 15 which will take place in Copenhagen from December 7th to December 18th 2009.