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Irizar’s New Installations

After presenting the new corporate identity at the FIAA last year, this year Irizar is about to finish construction of new installations at its headquarters with an appearance that is far more in tune with the brand’s values.

And one that reflects Irizar as it is todaya brand that is growing overseas, through diversification, and a brand that researches and improves its own technology at its innovation centre. The Irizar that has vision to the future, always creating and offering new advances.

A future where technology, electronics, telecommunications, innovation and environmental and social sustainability coexist with diversity and mobility, etc.

These new installations include:

• A new coach delivery building with the capacity to deliver three coaches a day and a customer social area.

• New access to the installations to make coach arrival and parking easier.

• A new leak testing area for buses.

• A large, 300 m2 modern showroom for configuring coaches and experiencing Irizar’s brand values.

• New meeting rooms.

• And the headquarters of Creatio, our new Research and Development centre.

This new brand image aims to demonstrate the strength of the Irizar brand and we hope it will follow us into the future, on the journey to ever beyond, advancing step by step with all our customers, staff and collaborators.