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On 7 February 2014, the 2 last VDL Futura Classics were handed over to Mark Anderson, Managing Director of MS Anderson Holdings and Marketing and Sales’s Chairman in our organization Global Passenger Network.

“We were looking for a small luxury coach for travel work in London for our company London Mini-Coaches. The Futura is reliable and makes always a positive contribution to our operating profit, so it was logical for us to order 2 Futura Classics with a length of 10.4 metres. We are proud to have the 2 last ones ever produced” says Mark Anderson.


Coach numbers 35,299 and 35,300 mark the end of an era: more than 31 years’ production of the Futura Classic. During these 31 years a total of 11,218 Futura Classics were built – a unique achievement in the coach world that no other model even approaches. What’s more, the distinctive, characteristic design of the Futura Classic is still every bit as recognizable as when the first Futura was introduced in 1982. The characteristics sound, reliable and comfortable, combined with a high resale value, have largely contributed to the good reputation Futura has developed throughout the years. Parts are still easily available and this has ensured that even Futura’s from the first year are still on the road.
In the United Kingdom, being one of Europe’s most important markets, the Futura Classic established a solid presence for VDL. A total of 1,258 Futura Classics found their way to the United Kingdom.


The 2 last Futura Classics are the FHD-104 variant with a length of 10.4 metres. They have a 35+1+1 seating and are luxurious executed. London Mini-Coaches will use these coaches for group travelling in and around London.


In 2010, VDL Bus & Coach made the carefully considered decision to name the successor ‘Futura’ too, knowing this would create high expectations because customers associate the Futura name with economy, above all, but also with a long life and absolute reliability. “The fact that the new Futura won the prestigious prize ‘International Coach of the Year 2012’ shows that with our products we rank among the European top in our industry. It also reflects the fact that we develop our products based on our customers’ wishes and proves that we have made the right choices. We are convinced that our new Futura does justice to the name the Futura Classic built during its 31-year history”, says Rémi Henkemans, Managing Director VDL Bus & Coach.


Shortly after the introduction of the RDH new Futura FHD2 in the United Kingdom in November 2012, Anderson Travel ordered 10 vehicles. Delivery of these vehicles has took place during the spring of 2013. All 10 coaches are Futura’s FHD2-122, with a length of 12.2 metres. 6 of the coaches have 49+1+1 seating and are luxurious executed with a centre water flush toilet, fridge, water boiler, DVD player including 2 monitors and air conditioning. 2 of the coaches have a 53+1+1 seating arrangement and are similarly equipped with air conditioning and a fridge. Another Futura FHD2-122 was also constructed with 53+1+1 seating, however, this vehicle has the addition of a centre toilet, cool box, DVD & monitor and is finished in the livery of Windsorian Travel, another company within MS Anderson Holdings. These new Futura’s are used on the Anderson Tour program, London sightseeing and airport transfers carriage of incoming tourists.
The 10th vehicle is an extra luxurious one, specially meant for VIP work and the carriage of sports teams. This Futura has 30+1+1 leather trimmed seats, 8 tables and a kitchen with microwave, coffee maker and cool boxes in the back.


Anderson Travel provides first class coach hire for any occasion. Mark Anderson, Managing Director of MS Anderson Holdings, founded Anderson Travel 25 years ago. Starting with one coach which he drove himself; Anderson Travel is now one of the UK’s leading coach hire companies with over 25 vehicles and is part of the ever growing Anderson Travel Group that includes Anderson Tours, London Mini-Coaches and Windsorian Coaches. Anderson bought its first Futura in 1994.

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