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GreenRoad ‘Fleet Elite’ Success for Alpine Fourteen of Welsh member

One of CoachMarque’s members, Alpine Travel, and its drivers have achieved the GreenRoad ‘Fleet Elite’ status by obtaining a score of five or less over a full calendar year putting them in the top 5% of all of GreenRoad’s 70,000 registered drivers.

Companies which use GreenRoad as a carrot rather than a stick and provide incentives to drivers who achieve a low score appear to do best. Launched in February 2012, GreenRoad FleetElite is designed to motivate and reward the best driver performance. Each Fleet Elite driver receives a membership card and lapel pin to mark their achievement. The return for operators includes improved safety levels which should translate to lower probability of accidents and claims, less wear and tear on vehicles and of course significant fuel savings.

GreenRoad provides drivers with real-time, in-vehicle feedback. At the start of each trip, a driver starts out ‘green’. If a risky manoeuvre occurs, such as hard braking or rapid acceleration, the GreenRoad display flashes a yellow or red light, depending on the severity of the event. These risky events are tabulated to create a GreenRoad Safety Score.

A GreenRoad Safety Score is a rolling average of the last ten driving hours. GreenRoad considers a Safety Score of 20 or below safe or ‘Green’ driving. Scores between 21 and 50 are moderately risky. Any driver with a score over 50 is considered a risky driver. Safety events are broken down into five major categories: braking, acceleration, corner handling, lane handling and speeding. Driver behaviour is measured using a sophisticated combination of a sensitive accelerometer, GPS data and advanced algorithms.


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